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Jamdani is one of the finest muslin textiles of Bengal, produced in Dhaka District, Bangladesh for centuries.

The historic production of jamdani was patronized by imperial warrants of the Mughal emperors. Under British colonialism, the Bengali jamdani and muslin industries rapidly declined due to colonial import policies favoring industrially manufactured textiles. In more recent years, the production of jamdani has witnessed a revival in Bangladesh.

The origin of the Jamdani is shrouded in mystery. The word Jamdani is of Persian origin; Jam meaning flower and Dani meaning a vase. The earliest mention of origin of Jamdani and its development as an industry is found in Kautilya's Arthashastra (book of economics, about 3rd century BC), where it is stated that this fine cloth was used in Bangla and Pundra. Its mention is also found in the book of Periplus of the Eritean Sea and in the accounts of Arab, Chinese and Italian travelers and traders.

Jamdani sarees, because of their thin nature, drape superbly and square measure supple to the touch. Dhaka Jamdanis portray particoloured linear or floral motifs however the mango motif signifying fertility, growth and matrimonial cloud nine is very fashionable. Tangail Jamdanis have single colored borders or 2 to offer it a ‘meenakari’ result, (Jamdani motifs square measure created on the Tangail fabric). Shantipur Jamdani has delicate checks, stripes or a texture created by colored threads or a mix of fine and thicker yarn. recently tie and dye styles square measure being in hot water the pallu (part of the sari draped over the shoulder). The Dhaiakhali Jamdani incorporates a tighter weave with daring different borders and low costs creating them reasonable.

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